Dr. Derik E. Jones

Dr. Derik Jones is a life long resident of South Richmond and a product of Richmond Public Schools (RPS) John B. Cary, Thompson Middle and Huguenot High. He is a graduate of Virginia Union University and Yale Divinity School. Derik lives in the 8th district with his wife Tamara and their three year old daughter Raegan who will soon be attending RPS. Derik believes that RPS has given so much to him, now he wants to give back to his community by serving the 8th district with honor and integrity.

Derik Jones has a proven track record:

 *    10 years experience working with families and children of the 8th district.

 *    Worked to bring affordable before/ater school programs, tutoring & supplies to the 8th district.

 *    Created Blackwell Walk-a-thon providing over $10,000 in school scholarships to graduates of Richmond.

From the Desk of Derik Jones...

Special Message for My Fellow 8th District Residents:

As a fellow parent and Pastor in the Blackwell section of our district, I see the promise in our community on a daily basis. Our kids are smart, our teachers/staff are courageous and our parents want what any parent wants…a great education for their child. I look forward to making sure that we realize our promise and potential as a community.

In November, you elected me to represent your interests on the Richmond City School Board. That confidence in me is both humbling and exciting as over the next four years we will ALL work hand in hand to ensure that world class education lives in South Richmond.

I look forward to open, transparent and productive dialogue over the next few years as we work together to tackle serious, but surmountable issues such as a budget shortfall, middle/high school redistricting, improving our retention rates and keeping our families in the district after elementary school.

Please stay tuned to this site as well as my Facebook page as ALL pertinent information such as meeting dates, school updates and School Board progress will be accessible through these mediums. I am here for you, so please note our phone and email information at the bottom of this page. I would also ask that you email me so we can be in contact with you on an individual basis.

Thank you for visiting today, and lets get started showing our city and our state that Richmond Public Schools is where the community leaders of tomorrow spread their wings and fly!